Some information about my public appearances, not counting my lingering around Swagat, the best Indian restaurant in the known universe (meaning south Louisiana):

On SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28, join me and other distinguished guests at St. Paul’s parish in Brockton, Mass. (Boston area), for its annual Festival Of Faith. I’ll be speaking at the traditionalist Anglican parish about the Benedict Option, and will hear responses from these gentlemen:

Please register for the conference here. It’s this coming Saturday, so hurry!

Next weekend, on SATURDAY OCTOBER 5, I will be at the Orthodox (OCA) cathedral in Miami, in dialogue about the Ben Op with Father Joseph Lucas. Event lasts from 10:30 am till 3pm; tickets are $10, with guests 18 and under free. Get your ticket here. 

What is this far-seeing, inspirational speaker looking at in the distance? That plate of vaca frita he’s going to eat at Versailles in Calle Ocho while he’s in town. Haven’t had that in that classic Calle Ocho haunt since I lived in south Florida in the mid-1990s.

From OCTOBER 10-12, Self will be at the Touchstone Conference 2019, in suburban Chicago, with a bunch of really smart people:

You have to come to this. You really do. Here’s how you get your tickets. 

Don’t delay!