I took this Dialect Quiz on the New York Times site yesterday. It promises to tell you where you’re from. I answered all the questions. Know what it said the top three cities I’m most likely to be from are?

1. Baton Rouge

2. New Orleans

3. Jackson, Ms.

Son of a gun! My wife, who is from Dallas, took it too. It said her top three cities were:

1. Dallas

2. Fort Worth

3. Shreveport

You take it, and tell us how accurate the thing was. My 14-year-old took it, and it said he was from the Internet, basically. Which is true.

It said the cities I’m least likely to be from are Salt Lake City, Spokane, and Worcester, Mass.

Funnily enough, when I took it a second time, it subbed out Mobile, Alabama, for Jackson, Mississippi. Not sure why, but I noticed a couple of the questions were different. Also, it said my least-likely cities were Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City, and Des Moines.