ABC News has obtained a police security camera video showing a handcuffed George Zimmerman being brought in for questioning after shooting Trayvon Martin. Remember how Zimmerman’s lawyer said his client had a broken nose and a skull laceration from having his face and head pounded by Martin? Look at this video. Zimmerman’s face is a bit blurry, but I see no blood on his face, and not a scratch on his head. This video is not conclusive, but it does not build one’s confidence in George Zimmerman’s case, or, to be more precise, the credibility of his lawyer.

UPDATE: Leo Ladenson points to the police report saying that when officers found Zimmerman, he was “bleeding out of the nose and the back of the head.” And that he received first aid on the scene. It would make sense that he would have been cleaned up during that first aid treatment before being transported to the station. I had not realized these things.

Leo, if, as you say, I’m “blowing hot and cold,” it’s because I don’t feel comfortable yet saying, “Yes, this is what happened, I’m sure of it.” Because I’m not. I’d rather blow hot and cold than take a side based on incomplete information. What seems true emotionally may not at all be what’s actually true.

UPDATE.2: Or, the police who filed the report might have been lying to protect Zimmerman. Possibly.

UPDATE.3: Enhanced photo from the police surveillance tape shows a significant gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head.