A commenter wants to know when the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church will be held accountable for putting a man she knew had a taste for underage male flesh in the ministry? David Virtue:

VOL first broke the news that former Nevada Episcopal bishop Jefferts Schori, now presiding bishop, received into the priesthood a known sexual predator from the Roman Catholic Church, one Bede Parry.

This news has galvanized the blogosphere — both liberal and conservative. Despite complete stonewalling by the Presiding Bishop, the story won’t go away. Bishop of Bethlehem Paul Marshall has publicly blasted her for her silence.

A support group for clergy sex abuse victims, SNAP, released a detailed, typed, two page admission by the “outed” predator priest Parry who was named for the first time in a civil child sex abuse and cover up lawsuit. The alleged abuse took place in western Missouri in the 1980s.

The two page confession by Parry says that four men who are now Catholic prelates knew of – but kept silent about – his crimes. The confession names at least ten other Catholic and Episcopal officials in California, Nevada and Minnesota who were all told of Parry’s crimes, including the nation’s highest ranking Episcopal figure, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

She did nothing about it except to mouth platitudes that he should not be allowed near children even though psychiatric reports reveal that Parry would act out again, if a situation arose where he could.

Still, Parry was able to work as music director and priest at All Saints Episcopal church in Las Vegas, NV, until May of this year.

The confession was obtained by clergy abuse survivor Patrick Marker who runs a website called Behind the Pine Curtain.

How is it that the highest official in The Episcopal Church can slam the door in the face of allegations that she knew about Parry’s behavior and still received him into the Episcopal Church?

The simple question for the Presiding Bishop to answer is: Why?

Too bad the Penn State Board of Trustees isn’t TEC’s House of Bishops.