Fr. Jonathan Tobias passes on this list, written by another pastor. He recommends this one especially. I agree:

 I care more about the regulars. I know I’m not supposed to, but I do. You know, the one’s who show up in the pouring rain, there for every fund raiser and Bible study. When a perfect stranger shows up demanding the rites of the church and treating me like I’m an unfortunate prop in their personal movie, it’s a problem. She may be your granddaughter, but she hasn’t been inside of a church, except as a bridesmaid, in years. She may promise to raise that child as a Christian, but you and I both know she’s not going to get up on Sunday morning. I’m having serious theological qualms about this, I’m just not telling you.

I’ve known a startling number of people over the years who bitch and moan constantly about the failures of pastors and churches to do this or that for them, or to have “been there” in their time of need — but who themselves rarely darken the door of the church, much less tithe. They see the church not as a community, but as a public utility.