The Mighty Favog, an Omaha blogger, has some words about the twin tornadoes that destroyed the small Nebraska town of Pilger this week:

Tornadoes are not “awesome” vortexes.

They are not meteorological Cialis for thrill-seekers and storm chasers.

Tornadoes are not a cost-effective source of the “Holy shit!” reality TV usually seen on The Weather Channel instead of, you know . . . the weather.

God did not invent them so that you might be amused and awed on Facebook . . . by viral videos shot by storm chasers “ready anytime the moment’s right.”

No, this is a tornado. Look at it hard.

If you read his entire message — and you should — you will see an AP photo of emergency responders removing the body of a little girl killed by the tornado. This is real life.

This, sent by Jake Meador in Lincoln, is also real life:

The parking lot at Wisner-Pilger High School is packed with cars. More than 1,600 volunteers went through the doors to get registered to help clean up in Pilger. Volunteers are asked not to go directly to Pilger, but to come to the school and go through the registration process.

“Really it’s a safety issue more than anything else. They have this very well set up and very well organized. They want to make sure that everyone is safe and stays safe. This is just absolutely a disaster area…it’s very unsafe in areas and they just want to make sure everyone is properly informed as to what they’re getting into,” said Chad Boyer, Spokesperson for Pilger Volunteer Effort.

The town of 350 Nebraskans was destroyed … and 1,600 Nebraskans rushed into what is still a “very unsafe” area to help. Says Jake, of his home state, “I love Nebraska.” Who wouldn’t? Bless those people.