This message just in from a DC friend visiting the French Quarter:

At ACME Oyster. Sitting next to a drag queen who just gave himself a shot of insulin through his dress while holding a glass of wine in the other hand.  Gotta have priorities.

Hold on, Louisiana, I’m gettin’ there as fast as I can!

UPDATE: From a reader in Baton Rouge:

You may know that Acme Oyster House now has a Baton Rouge outpost – not quite like the one in NOLA, but more accessible. It’s near the corner of Acadian and Perkins.

Last time I was there, we sat next to an eighty-something year old lady an her sixty-something daughter.  The daughter was sipping iced tea while her mama (who weighed maybe 90 lbs) was devouring a huge platter of raw oysters while knocking back one gin martini after another.  I kept looking for Don and Roger from Mad Men to walk by.