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What Is The Government’s Big Secret?

Yesterday, out doing errands, Matthew and I played a kind of game, inquiring of ourselves, “What Is The Biggest Thing The Government Isn’t Telling Us?”

(Besides the aliens stuff, of course.)

The one that came to mind for me was that they are working on weapons vastly more deadly and sinister than anything the public has yet imagined. Matthew’s was much better, in my view:

“That they have far more mass surveillance capability than even Edward Snowden revealed — and that they use it.”

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that is probably the truth. We had fun, in a perverse, apocalyptic way, wondering if there are government secrets so dark that even the president isn’t allowed to know them. (Such as: “… and the NSA is surveilling the president too.”

So, open thread: What do you think is the Biggest Thing The Government Isn’t Telling Us?

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