Are you going to buy a Megamillions ticket, for the $500 million-plus drawing tonight? I bought three. I know, I know, might as well have thrown those dollars in the trash. But hey, you never know…

So, let’s have a fun thread for a change. What would be the first fun thing, or things, you would do with the money if you won? Please don’t say “give a lot to charity,” or “invest wisely,” or “do nice things for my friends and family members.” Of course you would. So would I. What fun stuff would you do, just for yourself and those you care about, in that first year?

The very first thing I would do is call the airline and upgrade Hannah’s and my seats on our flight to Paris next week to first class. And move to a much nicer hotel! (By the way, there will be Paris blogging here starting next weekend, just so you know… .)

Me, I would plan to rent a nice big house on a beach somewhere — maybe in Hawaii, maybe in the Caribbean — for the whole summer, with a chef, and have one long house party. Invite friends and their families from all over the country, a few at a time, and pay their way entirely.

Then I would go to Paris and buy an apartment for our family to live in for part of the year, probably the fall, and really, really learn French. Once I was fluent, I would take cooking classes. And I would start building a great wine collection.

Oh, and I would pay Diana Krall whatever she wanted to play a concert for me and my guests. There would be Champagne! Lord have mercy, would there ever.