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What if OWS were a pro-life protest?

As you’ve no doubt heard, New York City police have moved in and cleared out Zuccotti Park, though late word is that a liberal judge has given protesters permission to re-occupy the place. I suspect the way you react to this news depends largely on whether or not you agree with the OWS protesters. My view is that I agree with their concerns, but I think their execution has been badly flawed, and at this juncture is pointless.

Let me ask you to do a thought experiment: What if the OWS protest were a pro-life demonstration? Would that change the way you viewed the police action?

Me, no. I’m a pro-lifer, but if a pro-life encampment had occupied a privately owned public space for months, and their actions had led to serious disruption in the personal and economic life of the neighborhood, and the camp had become a place where disease was being passed around, and — crucially — there was no chance that any of their demands would be met, either because they were practically impossible (e.g., the immediate overturn of Roe v. Wade) or so ill-defined as to be unachievable … then yes, I would support the police clearing the space.

What about you?

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