That there is NOTHING like a dame! Mom has been at a church music workshop in Cleveland these past four days. She deserved the time off. But you know what? This house cannot operate without her!

“Dad, he put his butt in my face!” And: “You do it! No, YOU do it!” Four days of that kind of thing. It’s like they’re crazy in the head, or something. That, and “Dad, I’ve got no shorts/pants/panties/underwear.” I had to learn how to use the washing machine tonight. If everything comes out pinkish, too damn bad.

A mint julep or two made with Bulleit and Sonic ice did take the edge off this afternoon. A little. But I repeat: there is nothing like a dame. I cannot wait for that plane from Cleveland to land in the morning.

UPDATE: I guess I should point out that I’m exaggerating somewhat for comic effect. My wife really is absolutely central to the smooth functioning of our home, and I am doubleplus ready for her to be back. But honestly, it hasn’t been that bad.