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“Do you want to know what I think God looks like?” asked my six-year-old daughter.

Sure, I said. She showed me a stick figure with long, curly hair.

“I wish I could draw better,” she said. “God has long, wavy, caramel-colored hair.”


“Caramel. And he wears a long robe with red and blue stripes on it.”

I told her I thought God looked like an old Hasidic Jewish man who was on the cover of a book of photographs I have. I pulled off the shelf A Vanished World, Roman Vishniac’s collection of photographs of Jewish life in pre-Holocaust Eastern Europe. It was the first book of photographs I ever bought. We read the book just now together. Try explaining Kristallnacht to a small child.

Anyway, when you think of God, what image comes to mind? I know God the Father is not an old Hasidic Jewish man from the 1930s, but when I think of God’s character, I think He looks like this man. How about you? What does God look like in your mind?