Three years in jail and two of house arrest, according to Judge Ellen Kovach of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Excerpt:

Authorities charged [Carol] Banks with vehicular homicide after blood test results revealed a high level of dextromethorphan in her body. Dextromethorphan is used in cough syrups and can cause hallucinations.

Nelson and Shirley Faucheaux, both 72, of Pauline and their son, Gerard Faucheaux, 42, of Meadville, Miss., were killed in the crash on Interstate 10 at Loyola Drive in Kenner.

Banks was convicted of negligent homicide. Gerard Faucheux was a friend of mine. He was driving his parents to the doctor. Gerard left behind a widow and four children.

Louisiana law provides for up to five years in jail for those convicted of negligent homicide. Carol Banks did not get enough time behind bars. House arrest? Please.