Take a look at that clip, sent in by a reader in Wales. It’s from a recent debate in the Senedd, the Welsh parliament. From the BBC’s report:

UKIP AM Gareth Bennett has been barred from speaking in Senedd debates in 2018 following a speech about transgender rights.

Mr Bennett refused to apologise for saying society could implode if there was too much “deviation from the norm”.

Presiding Officer Elin Jones said on Wednesday some of the comments were “particularly hateful”.

Ms Jones wants the AM to say sorry before he can contribute again, but he said he had no intention of doing so.

In a debate on Tuesday, Mr Bennett told the assembly: “There is only so much deviation from the norm that any society can take before that society completely implodes.

“If we carry on down this road of appeasing the nuttiest elements of the transgender movement,” he said, “then what we will face as a society, within a very short space of time, is total implosion.”

Elin Jones says in the video that the most hateful part of Bennett’s comments was his claim that transgendered people “deviate from the norm.”

Which by the way, is objectively true! In Wales, if an elected official says that transgenders, who make up a minuscule proportion of the population, are not the norm, then they will be gagged for an entire year in the Welsh parliament.

This three-minute clip offers a fuller picture. In it, Neil Hamilton, the parliamentary leader of UKIP, protests that Jones is stifling debate about a bill soon to come before the chamber.

Unbelievable. Why do the Welsh hate free speech? Do they people of Wales agree with this anti-democratic bullying? If this doesn’t tell you how tyrannical the trans movement and its ideological allies are, what will it take?