If it turns out that the Assad government did use chemical weapons against his own people, the United States should bomb Syria now, urges the Washington Post. Excerpt:

The United States should be using its own resources to determine, as quickly as possible, whether the opposition’s reports of large-scale use of gas against civilians are accurate. If they are, Mr. Obama should deliver on his vow not to tolerate such crimes — by ordering direct U.S. retaliation against the Syrian military forces responsible and by adopting a plan to protect civilians in southern Syria with a no-fly zone.

Why is the Post not calling on the US to bomb Egyptian troops garrisoned in Cairo, the ones who massacred the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the streets? Why is the Post not calling on the US to establish no-fly zones to protect Coptic Christians in Egypt from the rampaging Islamist mobs and the indifferent Egyptian government? I’m not saying the US should do any of this, mind you, but I wonder why it is that Assad’s apparent atrocity merits direct US military intervention in a civil war while the atrocities carried out by the Egyptian military against its civilians, and against Copts by Muslim mobs with de facto support by Cairo, do not merit the same level of concern by the editorial board of the Washington Post. The civilians murdered by poison gas are just as dead as those murdered by bullets.