Just out. That’s Shelby Foote and Walker Percy in 1986.

Are you coming to the 2018 festival? UVA’s Bill Wilson is going to be giving a lecture on Foote, whose biography he’s now writing, and will moderate a freewheeling discussion between Huger Foote and Mary Pratt Percy Lobdell about their fathers and their families’ friendship. Also: Jessica Hooten Wilson, Colin Messer, and Patrick Connelly, plus Charlie Clark and I clink longnecks at the Magnolia Café and talk about the Walker Percy Option vs. the Benedict Option. 

Plus, beer, bourbon, crawfish, conviviality, the usual. Tickets are limited, so please don’t put off buying yours. Click here to buy. 

‘Cajun Aces’ chef Cody Carroll and Ashley Fox-Smith at the first WPW

Here are Jeanne and Ron Griggs, annual attendees, with Mary Pratt Percy Lobdell (center):