You meet the nicest people at the Walker Percy Weekend, especially on the Front Porch Bourbon Tour. My friend and co-organizer James Fox-Smith and I spoke to Mary Pratt Percy Lobdell, one of Walker and Bunt Percy’s daughters, as she came out of Virginia, one of the beautiful old Royal Street houses on the tour. She said, “This is so Daddy. He would have loved it. He would have been sitting there on the porch sipping his drink watching the rest of us sweat, and laughing.”

If that’s not a benediction on the Weekend, I don’t know what is.

Look who else I ran into outside Virginia:


Ben Domenech flies in from Washington, DC, and meets some beautiful ladies who roadtripped from San Antonio.

Here’s the house outside of which we were all drinking. It’s called Virginia. There were three more on the tour:


Thanks to Doug and Kari Hosford for opening their lovely home to us. And thanks to Lynn Leak, Liz and Magruder Hazlip, and Mitch and Julie Brashier for doing the same for the Bourbon Tour. Miles Higgins was the organizer. Now, off to the park for the big finale: the cochon de lait, or Cajun pig roast. More pictures later.

Being complimented on the festival by one of Walker’s daughters. Man, it’s like being kissed by the prettiest girl in school.