A friend and reader in Washington reports this morning that he and his family went last night to see a Louisiana family band called L’Angelus play at the Catholic Information Center there. I’d never heard of this band before, and have just spent half an hour watching their videos on YouTube. They’re terrific, and I really look forward to seeing them live once we move down to south Louisiana. And going to real Cajun Mardi Gras in Lafayette next year.

Take a look at this clip of them performing “Amazing Grace” in Ireland. Here they are performing in a living room in France. And here they are on a TV show performing “Lac Bijou.” Or, just save yourself some time and go to the L’Angelus YouTube channel.

I just downloaded their album of sacred music from iTunes, and it is awesome. I’m serious about that. <– That link is to the Amazon version, but if you have iTunes, you can have it on your MP3 player in minutes. We’re listening to it now at my place. They also have a Christmas music album, and an album of secular music.

Thanks, Conor. This joyful noise from these young Louisiana Catholics really lifted me up this morning, when I needed it. The Church is so much more than the bishops.