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View From Your Table

Tonight I grilled tuna steaks, and we ate them with a delicious green sauce made with preserved lemons, garlic, cilantro, olive oil, a jalapeno, and chives from Julie’s garden (substituting for scallions). We drank a Sancerre with it, which wasn’t the best choice, given how strong the sauce turned out to be. Frankly, only a New Zealand sauvignon blanc might have been able to match the vividness of this sauce. Beer would have been a better choice. Still, it was a great evening. It’s warm outside, and raining softly. After Julie cleared the plates away, I was sitting there enjoying the moment, and had an idea for a new feature on this blog: View From Your Table, an homage, obviously, to Andrew Sullivan’s View From Your Window, but with a culinary spin, as befits this blog.

The idea is this: take a photo from your seat at your table, or any table where you are sitting, and send it to me. I’ll post them — not all of them, and probably not most of them, but some of them. Two limitations: 1) Some portion of the table must be visible in the shot; and 2) there must not be people in the photo. To be more specific, there must not be visible faces in the photo. Send your images to rod.dreher (at) gmail.com, and I’ll do with them what I can. I want to do at least one a day, if this feature gets a good response. Following Andrew Sullivan’s protocol, I’m only going to say which city, state, and country (if applicable) in which the photo was taken. The photo can be before a meal, during a meal, after a meal, absent a meal, whatever you like, as long as it’s a meaningful moment to you, and reasonably well photographed. The one below won’t win any photography contests, but it did capture a certain mood, I think.

Here’s the first entry, which I took about half an hour ago:

St. Francisville, Louisiana

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