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View From Your Table — Fr. Capon Edition

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

You’ll recall that I promised to post every VFYT I receive that honors Father Robert Farrar Capon, who died today. Above, the first one. I have an odd practice on this feature of not naming the readers who send them in, except in the case of James C., who is a VFYT legend. But this one came from one of our most faithful and active commenters, who is welcome to out himself if he likes. He writes:

The lighting isn’t the best in the world, but I’ve sharpened and brightened it, and I think you can see everything. It’s in Lawrenceburg, KY at 6:00 PM; the wine is a 2011 Beaujolais-Village from Louis Jadot (a French wine); The Supper of the Lamb is displaying on my Kindle Touch (I’m going to get the dead tree version soon). My wife and I have toasted his memory, and he will certainly long be in my prayers.

Here’s another:

Austin, Texas
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The reader writes:

Attached is a view from our table for today, in his honor, with wine, of course, and homemade bread, while The Supper Of The Lamb is open to a well-stained recipe. (We’re actually eating pizza, since that was on the menu before we heard the news, but I’m sure he would be the first to be delighted.) Even if you can’t or won’t cook, read this book.

He helped form our home in many ways–my knives are always sharp.

The reader forgot to identify his city and state, but I googled his uncommon name, and it came up Austin, Texas. Dear reader, if I’ve gotten this wrong, I’ll change it, just let me know. [UPDATE: Turns out that was his cousin. I’ve made the correction in the caption above. — RD] Thanks to both you and the Kentucky reader for remembering Fr. Capon, and celebrating his life and work. For the rest of you, if you are the least bit theologically inclined, and love the VFYT feature, do yourself a favor and buy The Supper Of The Lamb.

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