Linthicum, Maryland

At a church pig roast. The reader who sent this says folks stood right there at the carving table pulling meat off the beast, and chawing down.

This below is not technically a VFYT, because it doesn’t show food that’s being served, but it’s so beautiful I wanted to append it to this post. The reader writes:

[This photo was] taken at my wife’s folks’ place in Soldotna, a couple hours south of Anchorage. You are probably familiar with the fishery through your friends here in the state. We used long-handled nets tied from the gunwales of my brother-in-law’s boat.

We caught, cleaned and processed around 170 pounds of fish for our families. And it was sockeye salmon to boot, arguably some of the finest table fare in the world.

You lucky, lucky man. Feast your eyes on this, readers: