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Paris, France


I haven’t done one of these in ages, but this one — well, it’s one for the ages! The reader writes:

For years I had considered myself a foodie (I no longer prefer the moniker not because I don’t love good food and drink but because I don’t wish to make idols of such things).  Even so there were some foods I eschewed… such as oysters.  Meanwhile my favorite author (our working boy) wouldn’t shut up about them.  One fateful day on the Gulf Coast I tasted and saw that they were good!

Eight years later I finally had the chance to visit Rod’s mecca: Huitrerie Régis.  Be advised, dear Reader, that reservations are in fact required these days.  But thankfully we could still order a few dozen to go.  We carried our precious cargo to the banks of the Seine and voila!  I must admit after a long walk I had begun to doubt if it would prove worth the effort.  But these were indeed the best oysters I’ve ever tasted.  Deliciously briny up front with mind bogglingly sweet flesh.  Thank you Rod for leading me down the path!

The reader, a Californian, sent me a short iPhone video of the meal, taken on the banks of the Seine, with lilting jazz music. I know my work here on this planet must be done, because I died and went to heaven, and am posting this from the great beyond.

Régis retired, and passed on the shop to new owners, but the quality is undiminished. Unless they have a new policy, you can’t make reservations; you just have to show up and wait. Readers, it’s worth it — but also a delight to take the oysters to go, and walk over to the Seine. Make sure to have a bottle of cold, dry white wine.

What are YOU eating this summer?

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