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View From Your Table

Countryside near Krakow, Poland

I had dinner tonight at the home of a Polish family — readers of this blog — about half an hour outside of Krakow. I did not get the name of the village, but the food and the fellowship was unforgettable. This is a cold beet soup, made with beets and beet greens from their own garden, and eggs from their own chickens. That’s a kale salad in the background, made with greens they grew themselves. I don’t know that I’ve ever had kale that tasted so sweet and green.

And look at dessert. Yes, the raspberries they grew themselves:

Countryside near Krakow, Poland

No kidding, I ate two pieces.

Here’s the same view, but with a little glass of homemade raspberry cordial:

Countryside near Krakow, Poland

I’ll write more about our conversation in a separate post. This evening was such a gift. Everything in Poland has been.