Ipswich, Massachusetts

James C. writes:

Hot cider doughnuts and apple cider at a typical New England fruit farm and orchard, on a brilliant early autumn Saturday. I love this one in particular because it’s just down the road from one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States: Crane Beach, miles of white sand and sand bars in shallow water, backed by towering dunes. Also nearby are mud flats chock-full of Ipswich clams — there are none better.

I say homecoming because I feel more at home in this area than just about anywhere in America.

It’s the land, the sea, the culture, the built environment, and the friends. I’m in town to celebrate the wedding of one of my dearest friends, and it truly is a homecoming. I have hardly a day free with all the people to catch up with.

What a blessing it has been over the years to see the world through James C.’s eyes. He’s coming to visit me and my family in a few weeks, and I’ll have the privilege of cooking for him here in Baton Rouge. I can hardly wait!