Viseu, Portugal

What a lovely VFYT! The reader writes:

The attached photo was taken a few hours ago.

Dessert of a pastel de nata and a café cheio along the Praça Dom Duarte in Viseu, Portugal, a city associated with Dão wine and the Lusitanian hero Viriato. In the background is the left bell tower of the Igreja da Misericordia.

Saving a seat for you!

Thanks, man. I’m there with you in spirit. Ah, Portugal.

I love this one, which also came in today:

London, England

The reader writes from Waterloo Station:

Nothing special just a cheddar cheese and pickle sammich on granary bread overlooking the hordes of Londoners on a Sunday afternoon.

Look at this one, sent this morning by Marco Sermarini, the Doge of the Benedict Option:

San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Marco writes:

Octopus with my father Gino. Octopus and rucola [to us, arugula] and carrots and olive oil.

Signor Gino, whom I’ve met, is in his nineties, and is quite a gentleman. Grandissimo!