Puebla, Mexico

My son Matt is in Puebla, Mexico, this weekend with a friend. Matt, across the table, is eating enchiladas in mole. Our friend, who took the shot, is eating maguey worms.

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Laguna Beach, California

The reader writes:

Sat. am jazz, Laguna Beach, CA. The eschaton hasn’t quite arrived today.

And look at this, willya?

Porto, Portugal

The reader writes:

I recently got back from a trip to northern Portugal and wanted to share a phenomenal dish with you: The Francesinha. It’s a Portuguese take on the croque monsieur. The attached video shows how one is made, although there are plenty of variations as the one that I ate had a fried egg on top. There is *a lot* of meat in this sandwich, so it’s not something to eat if you’re stationary — but we were walking many miles a day, so bom apetite!!

This sandwich is a staple in Porto, the nation’s 2nd largest city, and we saw it on the menu board in almost every cafe. We actually had ours at the Cafe Piohlo Douro, near the University of Porto, a restaurant itself over 100 years old.

Anyways, I wanted to recommend a visit to Portugal if you have a chance.

I second that recommendation. Julie and I went to Portugal for our honeymoon. We visited the Algarve and Lisbon, with a short pilgrimage to Fatima. Best thing I ate was porco alentejo, which is pork nuggets and clams in broth. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s good.