Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

I believe this is the first VFYT ever from Serbia. M_Young was there, and sends it in, with the photo below, and this text:

Here are a couple of views from the ‘Terraza’ cafe in the Kalemegdan — the Turkish fortress in Belgrade. One has the Sava and Njegos tower (or ‘tower of the brave) in the background — the Turks imprisoned largely Orthodox ‘freedom fighters’ there, and killed the Greek Revolutionary Rigas Feraios there. The other (off kilter, its hard to get a good VFYT) is of the ‘Ruzica’ Orthodox chapel’s spire/cross, built by the Serbs against the wall of the Turkish fortress. On the table was a bottle of Knjas Milos mineral water with ice (!) and lemon bit (!!). Really hit the spot on a hot Belgrade day.

One of these days, I really have to go see the Balkans.