Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

The reader schreibt:

This photo of Schweinshaxe was taken a few days ago at the Haxnbauer (not far from the Hofbrauhaus) in Munich. It’s a marinated pork hock that’s been roasted to perfection, with a delicious crackling and succulent meat. With mashed potatoes, gravy, a cabbage salad and a decent German lager, life just doesn’t get any better.

This dish could fit right in with the cuisine of the American South. Or is an equivalent already there?

I’m so glad to have a VFYT from Germany. This food does look crazy delicious, and yes, it seems like it would fit here in the South … but we don’t eat pork hocks in our part of the South. Anybody else? Carolinas, let’s hear from you.

My family has been invited to a boucherie outside of town next month … except it’s not a Cajun French event. Rather, the butcher is from Germany. The pig will be roasted. Sausage will be made. Beer will be consumed. In large quantities. Joy will be unconfined.