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View From Your Table

Les Papilles, Paris, France

This is a special View From Your Table, sent to me by some friends who are vacationing in Paris. I had recommended the restaurant Les Papilles, on the rue Gay-Lussac, near the Pantheon, after Fred Gion, my niece Hannah, and I had a terrific meal there this spring. My pals E. and R. ate there tonight, and were over the moon about it. E. writes about what you see above:

This is the main course: Parmesan / herb polenta and filet mignon of pork in a sauce that R. said was where he wants to go when he dies. It was a demi-glacé with roasted shallot, dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Also probably crack.

Then Brie with homemade applesauce and a panna cotta with “coulis de fruits rouges.” Super intense flavors, but not too heavy. We drank a velvety Beaujolais that was a bargain at 37€. And our dinner, the best meal we’ve had so far? 33€ apiece, far less than what we’ve paid elsewhere (and very nearly the price of the single glass of champagne and dish of sorbet I had at Cafe de Flore earlier today.) The staff were so kind in accommodating us after we arrived late and then closed the place down (the France-Sweden game was keeping the crowds away.) They stayed, chatted with us and even offered us coffee as they were washing up.

Les Papilles, you may recall, was the place where Fred, Hannah, and I ate the insanely delicious roasted duck breast:

I’m telling you, if you’re in Paris, and want to have a great meal that won’t break the bank, go to Les Papilles. You need to have reservations, and be aware that you have no choice: what they serve that night is what you get, so you’d better ask what’s for dinner when you call for reservations. But boy, is it ever good. I’m so happy to share stuff like this with folks.

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