Rome, Italiy

Rome, Italy

I’m getting some nice photos from your summer vacations. This shot was taken at Piazza Madonna dei Monti, in Rome:

… where we stopped for a midmorning coffee/carrot juice/strawberry milkshake break. The fresh-squeezed carrot juice was mixed with lime and orange, and it was exquisite.

I remember the first (and so far, only) time I went to Rome, discovering the fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. Amazing stuff.

Say, readers and future VFYTers, some of y’all are sending beautiful photos, but only taking images of the food. The idea is a view FROM your table, not a view OF your table. Please take in the context in which you enjoyed the food and drink. Also, try hard not to get anybody’s face in the photo. I’ve cropped a couple recently and used them. I don’t have an extremely strict rule about not including people’s faces, but I strongly prefer that you keep faces out, for the sake of privacy. Thanks, and keep ’em coming. Anybody have an VFYTs from Africa? I don’t think we’ve ever had one. It’s the only continent not represented here.