Arromanches, Normandy, France

My lunch today (the first course) at a restaurant in Arromanches, on Gold Beach, after which we headed down the coast to the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, stopping off at a tiny apple farm on the way to buy cider from the farm woman pictured below. How the French have kept this countryside from being commercialized I’ll never know, but bless them. I’ll have more to say about my visit to the D-Day beaches tomorrow, after I’ve had time to process it (I’m working through a very bad cold, which all of us in the family have, unfortunately). It was a powerful experience, to say the very least. My younger son wept tonight at bedtime, praying for the dead soldiers, and thinking about his late Aunt Ruthie.

Here’s a happier image — the Norman cider lady in her roadside stand:

UPDATE: Sorry about the Dinesh D’Souza post that appeared below, which I let stay up a few minutes before having second thoughts and removing it. I don’t know the whole story, and shouldn’t say anything until I do. It was wrong of me to post in haste. Again, I’m sorry about that. I’ll restore your comments to an updated post — and I’ll update it when more complete information is available.