Dublin, Ireland

My first pint of Guinness in Ireland. In this entry, I’m posting some Views From Your Table that I didn’t have time to post when I was in Spain and Ireland.

Zaragoza, Spain

Churros (fried cinnamon sticks) and hot chocolate almost as thick as pudding.

Dublin, Ireland

A scone with butter, jam, and clotted cream, and coffee, at Bewley’s, the iconic cafe on Grafton Street.

Valencia, Spain

A quick breakfast at the bar at a cafe across from the municipal government building.

Dublin, Ireland

A surprisingly delicious break from my heavy carnivore diet came near the end of my trip, at Cornucopia, a vegetarian restaurant in Dublin. My dining companion here is Brian Kaller, author of the great Restoring Mayberry blog.

Now I’m regretting having forgotten to take out my camera at other memorable meals — in particular, the time I ate stewed oxtail in Madrid, and the seafood I tried in Barcelona. I could have sworn I shot the bizarre barnacles that looked like devil’s toenails, but there’s no record of it on my phone.