Archbishop Luigi Ventura, accused of grabbing Gallic male buttocks (Lozère-Nouvelle/Screengrab)

A Catholic priest e-mails to say:

The Holy See has stripped Archbishop Luigi Ventura of his diplomatic status for accusations of having made homosexual advances/assaults on young men.

Yet the irony is that during his tenure as nuncio to France, there was a whole hoopla about the French government wanting to appoint a practicing homosexual as ambassador to the Holy See.

I realize that it is stretching the analogy a little as the nuncio was not openly homosexual (and the accusations from his time in France and Canada have not been tried in a court of law). But what are we to make of the fact that France could not appoint a gay man as ambassador to the Holy See at the very time that the serving ambassador from the Holy See to France is a gay man?

At the very least, it is another indicator of the credibility problem of the official Catholic Church and the idiotic view that we can turn a blind eye to homosexual clerics and think that they their homosexuality does not impinge on their ministry.

According to the story, the accusations against the nuncio in both countries is that he grabbed a couple of Gallic male butts. Not exactly “assault” (though perhaps it meets the legal definition), but the more important point is the hypocrisy of the Vatican refusing France’s gay ambassador, while shipping its handsy homosexual nuncio to its French embassy.