I have a question for you readers of this blog who have also read The Benedict Option. I’m working right now on an introduction for the paperback edition, which will be out in the spring. What I’m trying to do with this chapter, which won’t be long, is to discuss the book’s reception, especially how it affected the discussion among small-o orthodox Christians. I will also be talking about events since its publication in March (e.g., the Trump presidency so far and the church’s relationship to it), and how they move the Ben Op conversation along.

Do you have any suggestions for points I should make, or should address? What do you think the book has accomplished? Other thoughts are welcome too.

I’m not fishing for compliments here. I really want to know what you think (provided you aren’t simply trolling). Have there been things that have happened since March that have convinced you we need the Ben Op more than ever? Have there been things that convinced you that the book’s diagnosis is wrong in some specific ways? Let me know in the comments, please.