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UK Feminist: Help Us Fight Trans Tyranny

A reader named Bec comments:

British feminist here, I’m neither a conservative (with a large or small C) or a Christian. I just wanted to extend a ‘hello’ from across the pond, and say that we have ABSOLUTELY NO allies on the Left. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I wanted to thank you for your solidarity with us on this issue and for supporting Kellie’s bravery.

This whole mess (we’ll be breaking rocks on the gulag before long for gender thought crimes) has made me really, really open my ears to conservatives, and start listening. It’s all well and good accusing others of bigotry whilst being totally intolerant to others views myself. What I’m hearing, on this issue, from ‘your’ side is far more coherent and indeed truly liberal, than anything going on on the Left. This is a deeply regressive, woman hating, homophobic, anti free speech ideology and we’ve got to stop it.

I believe this issue is not only the greatest roll back of women’s rights in 200 years, but it has massive implications for freedom in general, given that it’s aim is to obfuscate the meaning of language itself. I’m paraphrasing, but once you can get people to believe a lie is true, you can get them to believe and support almost anything. The divisiveness and sheer vitriol involved is like something out of am East German Stasi basement. Things now, such as ‘women give birth’ mare truly unsayable.

I appreciate that feminists and conservatives aren’t natural allies on this issue, but I’d urge anyone with concerns to reach out and support each other, in the States there is a wonderful coalition of conservatives and feminists called Hands Across the Aisle, please have a look at them, they have a great youtube video called ‘Biology is not Bigotry’.

I’ve been involved with trying to stop this madness for over two years now, and I am (sadly) convinced it’s a men’s sexual rights movement. If we look at this logically we are telling kids (who we don’t allow to vote, drive, smoke, get married) that they can be agents over their sexed bodies, that biology is not real, that it is ‘socially constructed’. Following that logic (and I have seen this argued with my own eyes) then it follows that ‘child’ and ‘age’ is also ‘socially constructed’ and a matter of belief. Where does that leave us?

Name me one other ‘civil rights’ movement so obsessed with kids genitals and I’ll eat my hat. Gender clinicians in the UK, who advocate a ‘watchful waiting’ approach, are saying in private that the main interference with their child and adolescent patients is not from parents, the state, or institutions, it’s from MALE STRANGERS on the internet (“transwomen”). It should be noted that 90% of transwomen never had dysphoria, either as kids or as adults, they are not distressed, they are instead narcissistically and erotically involved with THEMSELVES. They need kids for the validation of their fetish, and they are being slipstreamed by some very nefarious people indeed. I’d urge any reasonable person to ask, WHY are male strangers on the internet SO INTERESTED in other people’s kids? Why?

It’s already happening in the states, it’s already happening in Canada, and despite self ID not being law in the UK, it’s already happening here, we have male rapists in female prisons, men taking jobs and places from women, men taking women’s sporting prizes, and men going into schools and teaching this balderdash to kids, and everyone is too afraid to tell them ‘no’.

Please, please join us in this fight, we are ally-less.

I’m your ally. Who else is in? As Bec points out, the stakes in this fight are massive. You can’t afford to be quiet, or to demonize allies.

UPDATE: Reader Brendan writes:

I honestly don’t think that the anti-trans feminists are going to win this round of tussle with the trans movement. Too many people have too much at stake in the trans movement — most of them not trans themselves — for it to scale back at the request of a portion of feminists — keep in mind that many feminists are quite pro-trans and very adamantly supportive of gender ideology as espoused by the trans movement.

What is more likely is that the split between “trans positive” and “trans negative” feminists will deepen and grow, just as the split between “sex negative” and “sex positive” feminists did beginning in the 1980s. The larger group then was the one affiliated with the more libertine approach, and that will be the larger group today, especially since young feminists are virtually lockstep behind trans/gender ideology in am essentially reflexive way.

It’s important to remember that back then, too, conservatives who were critical of the burgeoning sexual libertinism formed coalitions with the anti-sex-positive feminists like MacKinnon and Dworkin on some legislative issues relating to porn. It didn’t matter much in the long run, now, did it, given that the world is utterly marinating in porn today. That bus was well underway already, and nothing much was going to stop it or turn it around, including an unlikely coalition of radical feminist ideologues and conservative sexual traditionalists.

What was true then is also true now. The trans/gender ideology is here to stay, precisely because it is by far the most useful tool the left has ever come up with for the kind of fundamental revolutionary re-ordering of society that the most radical elements in the left have been dreaming about for decades, if not forever. This is the case not only due to the increasingly draconian social punishing of people who dare to differ on the established line of “war is peace” type of thinking. It’s also the case because the entire perspective essentially acts as a solvent against all kinds of truth, by placing the criteria for the acceptability of an assertion outside of any established “truth deriving” system, and instead placing it firmly in the hands of an ideologically charged group of activists who appeal to people on an emotional level. This is the perfect weapon to carve up all kinds of established social patterns and ways of living, essentially outlawing them, one by one, through massive social pressure, coupled with “right thought” campaigns starting essentially from birth, the marginalization of parenting (which we already see and which will only expand), the end-stages of the long underway transformation of education to primarily ideological conditioning, and the like, all catalyzed by social media and an emotion-driven framing of the perspective.

The trans/gender ideology will prevail against the minority of feminists who object to it because it *must* prevail for furtherance of the revolution. The tool it provides is far too useful to the revolutionaries — cultural and academic alike — to be tossed aside because a minority of feminists is upset about transwomen. That is not a new battle: feminism has had a very anti-trans wing in it since the 70s and 80s — the fact is, they have lost the battle, not because of trans people themselves (who are a truly tiny minority), but because of the power that the tool of trans/gender ideology provides to the radical leftists social revolutionaries (who are not themselves trans) who are dominating the cultural vanguard currently. That battle is already lost. Joining hands with them in that lost battle will have no more effect than joining hands with MacKinnon and Dworkin did in the 80s.

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