Elizabeth Warren beats incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. And the GOP has lost Richard Lugar’s seat from Indiana; the Tea Party candidate, Richard Mourdock, blew it.

Well, look, I’ll be interested to see what Elizabeth Warren does in the Senate.

UPDATE: Fox gives Missouri Senate race to Dem McCaskill. This was supposed to be a cakewalk for Repub Todd Akin. And then he mouthed off about rape.

UPDATE.2: Noah Millman, who used to work in the financial industry, puts his finger on why if we must have Sen. Elizabeth Warren, populist-minded conservatives might have at least one thing to look forward to:

But Elizabeth Warren isn’t a garden-variety liberal Democrat. She’s the substantive and symbolic leader of the fight to rein in Wall Street after the financial crisis. She could still do something in office that would turn me against her – I certainly expect to be disappointed with her in a variety of areas – but it’s a good idea to have at least a few Senators who really know and care about an important topic and push back against the consensus. I’d like to see her get a good number of years to fight this particular fight.