Today, Julie and I have been married for twenty years. Twenty years! See those two wooden scoops in the photo? They belong to a canister set someone gave us for our wedding. The scoop on the left has hefted steel-cut oats out of its canister for the past two decades. The scoop on the right, coffee beans. Almost every night, for twenty years, one of us has plunged that spoon four times into a canister full of coffee beans, to grind for our morning coffee.

The wood has wicked twenty years worth of oil from the beans. Mind you, we didn’t store the spoon in the coffee. It drew the oil from four scoops daily, for twenty years. That’s 29,200 scoops of coffee. The measure of a marriage.

We celebrated with a very old-school dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. Champagne to start, then salads (is there anything better than a wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese?) a filet mignon for her, a ribeye for me, lavishly infused with butter. Asparagus, potatoes Lyonnaise, and a grand cru Burgundy. Sinatra on the soundtrack. Cheesecake and coffee to finish. I brought home my bone for my sweet dog Roscoe.

I don’t have a lot of money, but I’m a rich man.