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The Annoying Part Of The First Amendment

Aided by a large charitable donation, Tulane University is opening a First Amendment law clinic. More:

The clinic is launching with a $1 million gift from the Stanton Foundation, an organization created by former CBS News President Frank Stanton, a founding figure of modern broadcast news. The foundation supports innovation in civics and U.S. history education.

Students will work under the supervision of faculty members in representing clients seeking to defend their rights to a free press, to free speech, to petition and to assemble, Meyer said. In accordance with the guidelines of the foundation, it will not handle religious liberty cases, he said.

Hypocrites. They want the First Amendment, but not the religious liberty part. Look, it’s the Stanton Foundation’s money, and it can do whatever it wants with it. But spare me the civic do-gooder First Amendment claptrap.



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