This is insane:

President Donald Trump entertained a proposal from Vladimir Putin to let Russian authorities pose questions for the former U.S. ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

Trump made no commitments to the Russian leader when Putin raised the idea at a private meeting in Helsinki on Monday and is “going to meet with his team,” Sanders said.

Allowing the interrogation of a former American ambassador, who held diplomatic immunity while in Moscow, would be an unprecedented breach in protections traditionally provided to the nation’s foreign service.

“Going to meet with his team”?!?! Let me get this straight: the American president did not give the Russian president an unequivocal HELL NO when he asked to question a former US ambassador to Moscow?

What is wrong with him? If Trump tried to turn McFaul over to the Russians, I would exhort Congress to impeach, convict, and remove him from office. This is deranged. Look:

I can’t figure out if Putin has something on Trump, or if Trump really is that much of an incompetent and a suck-up that he would not only sell out his own intelligence agencies in that presser, but even fail to stand up for an American ambassador when a foreign leader makes a patently insulting request to interrogate him. Has there ever been a more abject display of weakness by an American president in the face of a Russian leader? Seriously, has there been?

Trump actually has to think about whether or not to let Putin interrogate a former senior US diplomat. It’s mind-boggling.

UPDATE: Guys, I know that we are not actually going to turn McFaul over to Russia. The idea that it would even be considered is at issue. To be fair, it could be that Sarah Sanders was not prepared for this question, and gave what seemed to her to be a neutral answer. Still, she is the White House press secretary, and what she says is the official story, until otherwise demonstrated.