A Catholic reader is suddenly, in light of Obama’s “let my people go potty” bathroom decree, is seriously considering voting for Trump. He writes:

This is the test, right? He has been willing to stick it to the establishment on every issue. Every one. Even when it made him look like a goon. Here is where conservative Christians get to see if we are getting screwed AGAIN.

Some things he needs to say:

“In my administration, anyone who proposes a policy meant to pressure school districts, in any way, to force girls to shower with penis-havers, will be fired immediately. In my view, any proper Supreme Court Justice understands that on this issue, I stand firmly with legal experts X, Y and Z on this particular interpretation. You want to call it a litmus test? I don’t care. Then that’s what it is. I will direct my administration’s time and energy to constructing policies to address the very real issues of bullying that LGBT kids face. I think bullies should be expelled from school. I adhere to a policy of No Child Left Behind. Except bullies. To hell with those kids. Everyone needs to feel safe. But safety means a lot of things. A boy transitioning to a girls, who still has a penis, does not need to physically or sexually assault a girl in a locker room for her to feel unsafe. A young lady should not have to shower with someone who has a penis. Period. That’s ridiculous. I don’t care what Gawker says or Mother Jones says or Dan Savage says. Bullsh*t.”

That’s what I want to hear.

If he doesn’t say anything like that, his silence will speak volumes too.