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Trump Doesn’t Let Self Be Dominated By Winning


OK, think about it: you are 16 points behind your opponent in national polling less than a month before the election. There’s a good chance that your party is going to lose the Senate. The virus that has killed over 200,000 people since the early part of the year, and that sent you to the hospital last week, is nowhere near being under control. There have been massive job losses, and people are facing losing their homes, or eviction. You decide it’s time to make a dramatic play to shake up the race.

What do you do?

Nobody had this on their bingo card:


Trump crashed the market with his tweet announcing no Covid stimulus till after the election:


What the hell is he thinking? Is this the dexamethasone talking?

None of this makes the slightest political sense. 

OK, can we just get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as soon as possible? That’s all I ask for at this point. That, and for God to please help the Republican Senators and House members up for re-election, because the White House ain’t doing it.


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