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Topless Anti-Christian Bigot Alert!

(What an Ignatian — Reilly, I mean — pleasure it was to write that subject line!)

You probably have seen by now that the Russian feminist punks Pussy Riot got two years in the slammer for invading the Moscow cathedral and desecrating it by their obnoxious performance. That’s longer than I would have given them, and I wouldn’t have given them a minute in jail if they had done what they did outside the cathedral. But if you are going to enter a church and act like that, you had better be prepared to take the consequences. I don’t feel all that sorry for these women.

You may not have seen that a (really rather sexy) topless Ukrainian feminist and her cohorts, out of sympathy with Pussy Riot, took a chainsaw and cut down a large wooden crucifix on display in Kiev. You can watch the video here, though bear in mind that she’s topless, and this video isn’t safe for work. It is an act of shocking vandalism and anti-Christian bigotry, and, according to the feminist punks who carried it out, it was intended to be an anti-Christian statement.

Yeah, anti-Christian vandalism like this is really going to help the Pussy Riot cause in Russia and Ukraine. Idiots. To jail for you too, honey.

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