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Three Cops Slain In Baton Rouge

Just got out of church and learned that three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers where shot dead in BR today. Two are wounded and hospitalized. One other was shot, but apparently seems not to have been hospitalized and was sent to a different hospital; information sketchy now. One suspect dead, two at large, reports say. The very latest is cops are said to be in a standoff with one suspect. Not sure yet what happened. An ambush? Hard to say. One witness I’m listening to now on WAFB, the CBS station in Baton Rouge, said suspects were shooting with semiautomatic weapons before police arrived. He said he saw one man dead and a man with a gun running towards him — this, 45 seconds before police arrived on the scene. If so, that would indicate that this might not be a Dallas-style premeditated cop killing.

Community leaders calling for no Alton Sterling protests in the city today.

No news yet as to the race of the suspects or victims.

The city is extremely on edge now. It’s hard to imagine what will happen next. Actually it’s all too easy to imagine it. God help us. I’ll update this post as we know more.

UPDATE: Last week, BRPD arrests thwarted an alleged plot to murder police, tied to a pawn-shop robbery. One of the suspects arrested is 13 years old.

UPDATE.2: Three police officers are dead in Baton Rouge, and the public does not yet know who did the shootings or why, but this scumbag, the LGBT editor at Think Progress and, in his own words, “proud SJW,” is already busy blaming law enforcement:

There are no words. Well, actually there are words, but I will not say them. Zack Ford and those like him are making America worse.

BTW, local BR media reporting that the dead shooter is from Missouri.

UPDATE.3:Shooter was Gavin Eugene Long, black male, from Kansas City, Mo. Today was his 29th birthday.

UPDATE.4: Here is Montrell Jackson, one of the Baton Rouge police officers killed today, and his now-fatherless son, in happier times:


UPDATE.5: A Facebook post from Ofc. Jackson, during the protests in Baton Rouge:


And here is one of the other officers killed today, Ofc. Matthew Gerald, and the woman who is now his widow:


UPDATE.6: The Daily Caller found some YouTube videos posted by Gavin Long. He was a stone-cold white-hating racist.

UPDATE.7: The third dead police officer was Brad Garofala, a father of four who was set to go on vacation Monday. 

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