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‘This Thing Is Far From Over’

Ascension Parish, La. (Photo by Alan Cross) [1]

Ascension Parish, La. (Photo by Alan Cross)

Alan Cross, a reader of this blog and sometime commenter, is here in south Louisiana doing relief work. He writes (and sends the above photo):

Was down in Ascension Parish today – Prairieville and St. Amant. It is terrible down there. Still flooding in places. People still can’t get in or out of some areas. Some small communities are still basically cut off. And, of course, where everyone can work, their belongings are piled high along the road. And, the smell. Dear Lord…

Just letting you know. Ascension has not gotten much help at all. Have the media just moved on already? This thing is far from over. Everywhere I went, people were telling me to get the word out that help was very much needed.

I typed “Ascension Parish” into Google News, and all I got were stories from Louisiana media. Today on CNN, Gov. John Bel Edwards said:

“Typically by this point in a storm, I think Red Cross would be receiving a lot more donations, I think there would be more volunteers signing up. Although we have some of that in place now, it would be very helpful if people would donate to the Red Cross, to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, and also to come volunteer to help people get back in their homes as quickly as possible.”

Well, I think the Red Cross would be getting more donations if the media were down here showing America how bad it really is.

It’s so bad that Edwards, a Democrat, praised Donald Trump for his visit to Louisiana, saying Trump donated $100,000 to flood relief at a particular church (Trump also brought in a tractor-trailer full of relief supplies). From the Baton Rouge Advocate: [2]

“I think … because it helped shine a spotlight on Louisiana and the dire situation that we have here that it was helpful,” Edwards told CNN’s Dana Bash.

Here’s a portion of a flood map produced by the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, showing how much of Ascension Parish was flooded. Looks like two-thirds of the entire surface area of the parish.:

ascension parish [3]


UPDATE: More info from Alan Cross, down in Ascension:

Churches that I met are getting ready for teams to come and I’m not sure they are coming. It is really sad. People just aren’t tracking with this. They asked me to let people know what they are going through so they would help and I promised I would. Man, it is hard to hear that. Everyone is working hard, but they need help.

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12 Comments To "‘This Thing Is Far From Over’"

#1 Comment By Adamant On August 21, 2016 @ 7:24 pm

Damn. That big bulge of water will do a lot of damage on its way to the Gulf.

Just gave the Red Cross some more $, stay safe.

#2 Comment By Karin Larsson On August 21, 2016 @ 9:33 pm

I am not able to go myself but I have many friends in South LA who may be able to mobilize some people. Shared on my Facebook.

#3 Comment By sjb On August 21, 2016 @ 9:35 pm

Thanks for giving credit where credit is due to Trump. There are a lot of unscripted videos online of Trump and Pence with Samaritan’s Purse and the people affected by the flooding. Very moving videos.

How I wish Obama would at least have given a speech in Martha’s Vineyard calling attention to the devastation and asking for support for Louisianans. He could have easily asked for Americans to support relief organizations and put out a call for volunteers. But real life doesn’t fall within the parameters of his fundamental transformation ideology. And now he’s in CYA mode for his lack of humanity towards his fellow Americans. How I wish the press would actually report the needs in LA instead of playing CYA for Obama.

If human interest stories have a place here. Earlier last week, I saw a Facebook post by a man with several travel trailers. He was readying the largest one to haul to Baton Rouge area to give to anyone in need. I think he was from either Georgia or Florida. Just your normal flyover mensch who was taking off without knowing much other than to show up and offer whatever he could. The rube America I know and love.

Please be encouraged. There are many wonderful nameless people quietly helping out in Baton Rouge who will never be recognized or receive any attention. God is faithful in all.

Here is a warm story in the news about the Georgia football team making sure a Baton Rouge football player is taken care of (he is paralyzed). Natch, they feel responsibility for causing his injury, but still. There was a time that we used to take this kind of voluntary action towards others for granted. We expected people to be menches.

Mother of Paralyzed Football Player Can Hardly Believe What the Opposing Team Just Did for Her Family in Flood-Ravaged Baton Rouge | PJ Media [4]

#4 Comment By Gideon On August 21, 2016 @ 9:51 pm

Is there a way to contact Pastor Cross directly regarding opportunities to offer assistance? I’ve tried using the contact form on his website, but it isn’t working.

[NFR: You can direct-message him on Twitter @alanlcross — RD]

#5 Comment By Cheryl On August 21, 2016 @ 10:01 pm

I’m leaving tomorrow morning, bound for a horse barn in Louisiana that was flooded and lost everything. Several people at my barn banded together and spent about $3000 on supplies to send down. But today I was talking to another rider in my barn who asked, “Were there a couple of barns that flooded?” She’s not dumb, just not very plugged in. She had no idea, NONE, of the extent of the damage. Multiply that by a million…Even trying to spread the word, person-to-person, is a challenge. I’m hoping that the pictures I bring back will help remind at least a few people that our neighbors are suffering.

#6 Comment By Alan Cross On August 21, 2016 @ 10:24 pm

Gideon, message me on Twitter @AlanLCross or try my website again (alancrosswrites.com). I should get it. I can help set you up.

#7 Comment By PeterK On August 21, 2016 @ 10:56 pm

funny how edwards is now thanking Trump when just a few days ago he was saying don’t come down here.

#8 Comment By Rodger Kamenetz On August 21, 2016 @ 11:01 pm

Instrumentally Obama administration responded promptly and effectively especially compared to what the Bush administration did during Katrina, which was send political hacks and play political games. No comparison. I don’t know what you want from him, but he did his job. That’s what I want. Bush didn’t and we suffered here in Louisiana. We will continue to suffer until people understand that global warming is real, and that warm holds more water than cooler air. [5]

#9 Comment By JonF On August 22, 2016 @ 6:09 am

RE: funny how edwards is now thanking Trump when just a few days ago he was saying don’t come down here.

A few days ago was… a few days ago. There’s a time for celebrity photo ops and campaign shenanigans and a time when they are out of place.
And someone else posted this on a very different matter, when the UK allied with the USSR after the Nazi invasion of Russia, Churchill, having said not that was not brutal scathing about Stalin in the past, remarked, “If the Nazis invaded hell I’d find something good to say about the Devil.”

[NFR: Trump brought a tractor-trailer load of help, he gave $100,000, and — miracle of miracles — he didn’t grandstand. And he also brought some media attention here. Notice that the governor said he is disappointed with the low level of contributions to the Red Cross in this disaster. He knows exactly how bad it is here, and may well have figured that the relative lack of national media attention has something to do with that. Former Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, also went on TV to praise Trump. I’m quite sure there’s no real love for Trump by Landrieu, but like the rest of us, she gets how terrible this disaster is, and she can see that the TV coverage nationally has not been commensurate to the suffering. In this country, if it doesn’t get on TV, it didn’t happen. Trump gets on TV, as the GOP primary season showed. — RD]

#10 Comment By mrscracker On August 22, 2016 @ 10:52 am

Yesterday I had a concerned phone call from my former employer back in Greater Crackerdom. She hadn’t heard about the flooding until it became politicized (Obama’s MIA vs Trump’s arrival in Baton Rouge) So, I guess for once politics was useful, at least in getting out the news.

#11 Comment By Will Harrington On August 22, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

Roger Kamenetz

I seriously don’t know how you can still not get it. The man with the bully pulpit did what was required by his job, The minimum in other words. What do the people of Louisiana want from him? Are you serious? Get on the TV. Pre-empt regular programming. Ask people to donate. Its not hard. Did you even bother to read this post or are you just a paid troll? CYA for the Democratic administration.

#12 Comment By Scott Shaver On August 23, 2016 @ 9:23 am

Alan Cross can’t even do emergency work without taking underhanded shots at Donald Trump (who in five minutes supplied more bang for the buck in this effort to assist flood victims than the whining of Cross will do in the next five years).

Who’s really assisting here and who’s using the disaster to drive personnel agendas?