So, I had an illuminating and unsentimental conversation with a film and television agent today. There is some interest in making a film of The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming, and we were talking about the prospects.

She told me that the landscape has changed greatly. “How often do you go to the movies?” she said. Um, only when I’m taking my kids, I said. That tells you something, she said. The only movies they’re making today are movies for kids and teenagers. Every now and then you see a Blind Side, but that’s rare. They’re not making the kind of great adult dramas that we grew up with. You couldn’t get Driving Miss Daisy greenlighted, she said.

Grown-ups watch movies on TV, iPad, and computers. We don’t go to the theater anymore, for the most part. That’s certainly true for me and my wife. But the thing is, it’s not because we’re not willing to make the effort; it’s because there’s not a damn thing for adults to see. Is it that adults don’t want to go to the movies, so they don’t make movies for adults, or is it that they don’t make movies for adults, so adults have no reason to go?

I think Richard Linklater could make a great movie out of Little Way.

Anyway, what do you think of the movies? Do you go? Why or why not? I work from home, and have the freedom to go to the movies anytime. But there’s rarely anything worth driving 35 miles to see. I’ll take the kids to see crap like Star Trek, but it is complete crap, which is not always a bad thing, but still…