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The Worst People in the World

Poor Vice President Joe Biden, a man who has had to deal with far more family tragedy in his life than anyone should, is suffering again. His son Beau, as you have no doubt heard, has died from brain cancer at age 46. God bless and help the Biden family. Beau is the second child that Joe Biden will have had to bury. I have seen up close what grief over the death of a child, even when the child is an adult, does to parents. I see it and hear it every single day. Last night at church we had a memorial service for the dead, including our dear friend Jack, who died suddenly from kidney disease last October. He was in his early 40s. His mom and dad were among those in church last night praying. My heart broke for them.

If you pray, pray for mercy for the Bidens.

I wasn’t going to mar this occasion by saying anything about how horrible human beings are, but this makes me so angry I can’t let it go. The other day I remarked here about how stunning and discouraging is the gratuitous nastiness and pettiness one sees among New York Times website commenters. Turns out they are literary and philosophical geniuses compared to the people Fox News allows to comment on its site.

Fox News has apparently suspended commenting on Beau Biden stories on its website after so many people used the occasion of the man’s death to trash his family. So the haters have taken up the cause on the comments section under a story about Secretary of State John Kerry breaking his leg in a bike accident in France. A sampling of the humanity on display there:


What a shame to die at only 46, especially when all 46 years he had such a complete a-hole for a father…


between this and bidens pig son dead, it’s been a great weekend

Mostly, though, on this thread, it’s been about Kerry’s breaking his femur:

Patriot101369: That curb needs to get a Gold Medal…yawn
Tacolipsnow: Hopeful for a full and good recovery Sec. Kerry 

And liberal trolls are trolling the conservative trolls:

sparkle03After reading all these posts from the conservative christians. ….. fk I’m glad isis is getting rid of them
sparkle03: What’s better than one dead christian……… two

Is there anything nastier in this universe than the human heart? Is there any possible good that can come out of an unmoderated comments section that balances out this filth?

Regular readers of my highly moderated comments section: You’re welcome.


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