The French satirical journal has hit a new low, mocking a dead child:

The father of drowned Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi has told how he wept upon seeing a cartoon that mocked up his son as one of the migrant sex attackers in Cologne.

Abdullah Kurdi, whose son made front pages around the world when he died trying to reach Greece from Turkey last year, said the boy’s remaining family were “still in shock” after Charlie Hebdo printed the controversial image.

Editors at the French magazine had depicted 3-year-old Alan as a grown man chasing a woman, his arms outstretched towards her bottom.

In the top left-hand corner was a sketch of the iconic image splashed by hundreds of media organisations, captioned: “Migrants”.

“What would have happened to little Alan when he grew up?” editors mused. “He’d have groped women’s arses in Germany.”

It’s evil, and it’s not even remotely funny.

Non, je ne suis pas Charlie. They don’t deserve to be shot, heaven knows, but what disgusting humans they are. Mock religion? I can withstand that, foul as it may be. But to mock a dead little boy? Monsters.