Matthew Franck on Mitt Romney’s doubletalk on Obamacare:

 In the Romney camp, one must now hold these ideas in one’s head simultaneously: 1) the individual mandate is an “unconstitutional penalty; 2) therefore the Court’s ruling was wrong, and the dissent was correct; 3) but the Court has spoken, and what it says is the “law of the land”; 4) therefore the mandate’s penalty is really a tax; 5) so the president has been responsible for a tax increase; 6) and as for the highly similar situation in Massachusetts under RomneyCare, we’re just not going to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Sonny Bunch on liberals and giving Obama a pass:

Most conservatives don’t actually have a problem with the policies that the president is advocating. What conservatives have a problem with is the way in which liberals treated incredibly difficult issues of national security—Gitmo, GWOT, drones, waterboarding, etc.—as little more than a political cudgel with which to bash someone they didn’t like and then, when their guy was in office, ceased giving a shit.

Hypocrisy in politics is nothing new, of course. But there is something weirdly, madly galling about people arguing that pretending to drown someone who has information about an imminent terrorist attack is a Hague-worthy offense while blowing them the f—k up isn’t that big of a deal.