A reader tipped me off to the Kickstarter appeal to fund the completion of a documentary about a band called Luxury, from Toccoa, Georgia. Watch the video; these guys are good. From the Kickstarter page:

Causation is a notoriously slippery force to get one’s hands around. Yet, humanly speaking, it is hard not to point to the wreck of 1995 when hoping to understand how three members of Luxury are now Eastern Orthodox priests (the other two members are an ordained Presbyterian (PCA) elder and an occasional Lutheran deacon, surely cementing their status as one of the most ordained bands in history). Now, it is doubtlessly a noteworthy fact that members of a band went on to become priests, as members of most bands are obliged to go on and do something different with their lives. But what can it mean for a band led by priests to continue making records? On their newly recorded fifth album, Trophies, the lyrical themes may be said to be further musings on the expectations and memories of life. But as with prior Luxury records, spiritual concerns are obliquely addressed, if at all. So does Luxury sound anything like a band full of priests? There are several legitimate answers:

1. Who can say? There are no others.
2. Self-evidently they do. For they are.
3. No. They don’t even sound like Christians.

Amazing. World of wonders. From what you can hear of their music on that clip, they’re really good, too. Orthodixie, y’all. Throw the filmmaker a nickel if you can spare it.