Yes, Angie! Yes, Burt! Yes, yes, YES!

By the way, Burt Bacharach, born 1928, was my age when this commercial was made. I feel very old. But probably not as old as Burt Bacharach feels. (Angie Dickinson, by the way, is still kicking too at 82.)

I was seven years old when this ad came out. As an anxious television junkie, there really were no more elegant words than “Martini & Rossi on the rocks.” Why didn’t my parents say “yes”? How come nobody we knew said “yes”? How culturally deprived we were!

I also felt insulted because you couldn’t buy Dolly Madison snack products in our podunk town, despite the ads on Charlie Brown specials. No McDonalds, no Martini & Rossi, no Dolly Madison — we might as well have been Bangladesh.

My wife says I am a good example for why we shouldn’t let the kids watch much TV.